February 10, 2018

Elixirscript 0.32.0 Released

ElixirScript 0.32 is released. This release includes one major addition and a number of important changes. ElixirScript.Test ElixirScript.Test is a framework for testing Elixir modules that interact with JavaScript via the FFI. For all other modules, ExUnit is still recommended. ElixirScript.Test’s API is similar to ExUnit’s API. ElixirScript.Test files must be placed in a folder named test_elixir_script. Tests are compiled and then are executed using node.js. Changes Changes for this release include: ... Read more

September 24, 2017

Elixirscript 0.31.0 Released

ElixirScript 0.31 is released. This release contains a number of bugfixes. There are also a few enhancements. ElixirScript can now take a path to compile. This is to support the compilation of modules defined in .exs files For more information regarding changes, please check the changelog.

August 15, 2017

ElixirScript 0.30.0 Released

ElixirScript 0.30 is a large release with lots of changes. It includes a rewrite of the compiler, a change in JavaScript interoperability and much more. This is also the first version to require Erlang 20 and Elixir 1.5, compiled with Erlang 20. ElixirScript can compile your Elixir code and dependencies into JavaScript, with some limitations. These changes make this the best release of ElixirScript so far! This is a great point to give ElixirScript a try for yourself. ... Read more

July 10, 2017

elixirscript project update

A major change is happening to ElixirScript. The compiler has been rewritten to take advantage of features in Erlang 20 and the upcoming Elixir 1.5. The work for this started shortly after my presentation on ElixirScript at Lonestar Elixir. This post will go over the changes that are happening and why. The Old Compiler ElixirScript’s old compiler compiled Elixir source code files. It would take these files and turn the code into the Elixir Abstract Syntax Tree (AST). ... Read more

March 17, 2017

elixirscript 0.27.0 released

For a full list of changes, check out out the changelog. Here are the major changes in this release: Super The super special form has been implemented and with it, defoverridable Global JavaScript Interop Any JavaScript function, property or module in the global namespace can be accessed by using the JS module JS.alert("hello") JS.console.log("hello") JS.Date.now()

February 25, 2017

elixirscript 0.26.0 released

For a full list of changes, check out out the changelog. This version of Elixirscript has a lot of major changes. Here are some of the changes in the new release: Bundled output This release is the bundle all output into a single file. Now the only file output will be Elixir.App.js. Removed @on_js_load @on_js_load is no more. To start an application, do the following: //Note: An ES module example. ... Read more

February 19, 2017

Elixirscript 0.25.0 released

0.25.0 adds some big changes. For a full look at what’s new, look at the changelog. Below is a summary of the major changes. Select module format of output Beginning with this release, the module format of generated JavaScript is selectable. The choices are: es - ES Modules (default) common - CommonJS modules umd - UMD modules The common options means you can use the output in node without the need for tools like babel. ... Read more