elixirscript 0.26.0 released | Elixirscript

February 25, 2017

elixirscript 0.26.0 released

For a full list of changes, check out out the changelog.

This version of Elixirscript has a lot of major changes. Here are some of the changes in the new release:

Bundled output

This release is the bundle all output into a single file. Now the only file output will be Elixir.App.js.

Removed @on_js_load

@on_js_load is no more. To start an application, do the following:

//Note: An ES module example. Update for your module output of choice
import Elixir from "./Elixir.App";

const my_inital_args = [];
Elixir.start(Elixir.MyApp, my_inital_args);

This looks for a start/2 function in the MyApp module. It tries to mimick the API of a normal Elixir Application.

  def start(type, args) do

Removed JS.import

JS.import is also no more. External JavaScript modules are now defined in configuration. A new configuration, js_modules is where they go.

js_modules: [
  {React, "react"},
  {ReactDOM, "react-dom"}

Elixirscript adds both React and ReactDOM  imports to the top of the bundled output. Each item must be 2-tuple or a 3-tuple. The third element is an optional keyword list of options.

The CLI now has a js-module to support the above.

elixirscript input/path -o output/path --js-module React:react --js-module ReactDOM:react-dom